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Setting up reinforcement for a single retaining wall panel

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This exclusive construction video is based on an animation made on construction sequence that demonstrates the setting up of reinforcement toward a single retaining wall panel.

A retaining wall is described as a structure specifically developed to withstand the lateral pressure of soil if any modification occurs in ground elevation that surpasses the angle of repose of the soil.

Every retaining wall provides support to a “wedge” of soil. The wedge is demarcated as the soil that expands beyond the failure plane of the soil type existing at the wall site, and is measured as soon as the soil friction angle is identified. When the setback of the wall is enhanced, the size of the sliding wedge is decreased. This reduction diminishes the pressure on the retaining wall.

To produce exact design and installation of retaining walls, it is essential to identify and prevent the trend of going downslope by the retained material because of gravity.

It produces lateral earth pressure behind the wall which is subject to the angle of internal friction (phi) and the cohesive strength (c) of the retained material, along with the direction and magnitude of movement the retaining structure undertakes.

Setting up reinforcement for a single retaining wall panel