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Cost Estimating Tutorial

How to make an effective Retaining Wall Design

Dr. Amit Prashant provides a very useful construction document on Retaining Wall Design specifically foundation analysis and design.

Customary Retaining Walls :

• Gravity Retaining Structures
• Constancy is based on the independent weight of the wall
• Not cost-effective for design

Semi-gravity Retaining Structures:

• Least amout of reinforcement is applied in the wall to minimize the size of the wall

Cantilever Retaining Walls:

• Reinforced concrete is applied in wall design by thin stem and slab base
• Comparatively cost-effective for design

Counterfort/Buttressed Retaining Walls:

• Identical to Cantilever retaining walls but thin slab stems is applied at some space to affix the base slab and stem so as to minimize the shear force and bending moment to reduce the design costs significantly.

Download Retaining Wall Design in PDF

Retaining Wall Design