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ReWaRD is a useful construction program for perfect retaining wall design

Construction Software

Geocentrix has developed ReWard construction program useful for geotechnical engineering. The latest version is 2.7.5. This construction software is utilized in designing embedded retaining walls. The software combines various UK and international design standards together with BS 8002 and Eurocode 7.

ReWaRD comprises of robust and easy to use toolset to simplify the retaining wall design process.

Design Standards Integrated:

  • British Standard 8002
  • Eurocode 7
  • CIRIA 104
  • Hong Kong Geoguide1
  • CP2
  • Corus Piling handbook

Some exciting features:

  • Soil classification System supported with BS5930, DIN 18196, and ASTM D2487-1069
  • Wide-ranging database concerning soil properties for more than 250 soil types
  • Database of sections for Larssen and Frodingham sheet piles (along with new LX range)
  • Exceptional analysis for King Post walls
  • Elastic, hybrid-elastic, wedge, Terzaghi’s, and Krey’s surcharge computation systems
  • Wide help system

Engineering Objects:

  • Horizontal, Rising, Falling, and Stepped ground profiles
  • Horizontal, Rising, Falling, and Berm excavations
  • Gravel, Sand, Granular Silt, Cohesive Silt, Clay, Organic, Granular Fill, Cohesive Fill, Chalk, Rock, River Soils, and Custom soils
  • Drained and Undrained layers/filled ground
  • Hydrostatic, Constant, Hydrodynamic, Linear Seepage, Inverted, Dry, Standing, and Tidal water tables

Link for download ReWard construction program

ReWard construction program