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Ribbed and Waffle Slabs Construction

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Ribbed and waffle slabs are lighter and stiffer as compared to flat slab. These slabs lessen the expansion of foundations. These offer a very good form to resist the slab vibration that occurs in laboratories and hospitals.

Ribbed slabs are constructed with wide band beams which run through amid columns having equal depth narrow ribs across the orthogonal direction. A thick top slab finishes the system.

Waffle slabs are deeper than ribbed slab. Waffle slabs contain a skinny topping slab and thin ribs across both directions among column heads or band beams. The column heads or band beams contain the identical depth as the ribs.


  • Elastic
  • Comparatively light, so foundation costs are not so high and longer spans are cost-effective
  • Speed of construction
  • Reasonably slim floor depths
  • Toughness
  • Superior vibration control
  • Thermal mass
  • Good for services integration
  • Strong finishes
  • Fire Proof

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Ribbed and waffle slabs