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The importance of rigid frames in construction

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Rigid Frame Analysis is also known as moment frame systems. It is mostly utilized in steel and reinforced concrete buildings. This system comprises of beams and columns.

The applications of reinforced concrete and steel in rigid frames were found in high-rise buildings.

A rigid frame stands for an unbraced frame that has the capacity to withstand both vertical and lateral loads with the bending of beams and columns.

Firmness of the rigid frame is sustained primarily with the bending stiffness of beams and columns which contain firm connections.

A rigid frame system is a comment system that is very effective in high rise building since it offers good strength and less damage against natural disasters like earthquake and wind load.

A rigid frame structure is built up with linear elements normally with beams and columns which are associated with one another at their ends with joints to disallow any relative rotation to occur among the ends of the members.

The rigid frame is retained together and created stable with very tight junctions of the member. (column and beam.

The structure of a rigid frame building is recognized with rigid connections of straight or tapered columns and beams. It ranges from steel rigid frame or concrete rigid frame.

A rigid frame obtains its lateral stiffness primarily from the bending stiffness of frame members interrelated with rigid joints. The joints should have been designed in an efficient manner to get sufficient strength and stiffness and insubstantial deformation.

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The importance of rigid frames in construction