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Excel QTO quantity takeoff spreadsheets & Pricing Database

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Excel QTO quantity takeoff spreadsheets provide immense benefits to estimators, homebuilders and building material suppliers. This estimating spreadsheet contains QTO roofing quantity takeoff & pricing database that supports Microsoft Excel 2013, 2010 & 2007.

The ^Excel QTO Roofing Database refers to an external database file connected with an Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff spreadsheet. It is used to produce and retain your personalized ^Excel QTO Roofing Database.

The database includes all roofing products which can be applied in yours takeoffs as well as attributes of each material. There also exists waste factors and price additive to be used with the calculated quantities.

Usages :-

  • The ^Excel QTO Roofing Database name must be unchanged to avoid opening of the file and make the file to be unlinked permanently from an Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff spreadsheet.
  • The ^Excel QTO Roofing Database should be placed in the same folder as the roofing takeoff spreadsheet for the links to be set up.
  • Once a takeoff is completed, the ^Excel QTO Roofing Database must be closed by hand.

  • Each database table denotes a distinctive roofing material database structured through roofing material types.
  • Roofing materials inside the ^Excel QTO Roofing Database are available in the "Roofing Specifications" in-cell dropdown lists.
  • If required, supplementary materials are included to the database.
  • To insert blank rows to a database table, use the worksheet button Controls section.
  • To erase unused rows, right click a blank row within a data table, then delete > table rows.

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