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RT Footing - An exclusive foundation design software

Construction Software

RT footing refers to a robust foundation program that can be used for the inspection of reinforced concrete foundations and detecting issues in foundation design.

With this software, several foundation geometry can be integrated with block and sleeve connections for the columns. Load combinations from non-linear column calculations are transmitted directly.

An automatic dimensioning or manual optimization leads to an cost-effective foundation design with all geotechnical verifications.

This exclusive foundation design software offers the following exclusive features :-

1. Graphically interactive processing of block and sleeve foundations

2. Graphical construction environment for generating polygonal slab geometries with DXF interface and tabular processing option of polygonal points

3. Pre-setting of a smooth / rough formwork along with the bond area of a sleeve design

4. Pre-setting of several water zones and backfillings

5. Input of loads in the column connection and arbitrary point or area loads on the slab

6. The loads of the column is transmitted from columns design and several load combinations are preset

7. Automatic combination of load cases & production of design sections

8. Configuration of the result list and presetting of arbitrary design sections

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RTfooting is a multipurpose structural engineering programme that offers the following benefits :-

a. Modern user environment together with ribbon bar, quick acces bar and property grids for an overview at first sight.

b. Rc-design based on old design codes for the refurbishment of structures.

c. Quick and efficient familiarization through online support and manual

d. Graphics with sensitive components and chain dimensioning in addition to immediate denotation of all modifications

e. Apparent control program, program configuration and selection of localization

f. Application of templates


RT Footing - An exclusive foundation design software<