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Verify and Design of the Concrete members of any structure with Safi Concrete

Construction Software

SAFI Reinforced Concrete is incorporated with SAFI 3D Software that validates and design the concrete members of any structure. The exceptional graphical user interface of SAFI™ facilitates generating, examining and designing complicated models.

The SAFI Concrete Calculator and the SAFI Footing Calculator are integrated to evaluate or design concrete elements and footings.

Different shapes of concrete slabs are examined through finite elements and the outcomes of the iso-stresses and forces and moment contours are demonstrated in colors.

The slabs are reinforced in a repeated method with the results of the finite element analysis and the SAFI Concrete Calculator™ to reinforce the vital section of the concrete for one way and two ways slabs.

Some exclusive features :-

  • High-tech technology created with the concept of physical members that helps in designing the reinforcement of continuous members like beams and columns precisely.
  • The program can design the entire or a fraction of the structure.
  • It is compatible with the American ACI-318 code, the Canadian CSA-A23.3 and CSA-S6 codes, the Egyptian code ECCS 203.

  • Libraries for standard American, Canadian or Egyptian reinforcement bars.
  • It is possible to estimate the resistance of the elements when the reinforcement is recognized and it facilitates enhancing the design of a structure or to assess the resistance of an existing one.
  • Reinforcement bars and stirrups, applied loads, resistance curves and interaction diagrams are demonstrated graphically.

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SAFI Reinforced Concrete