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How Geo Slab is used to develop Frost protected shallow foundation design & pour

Legalett Radiant Air Heated System has developed GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation. It is specifically designed for expansive Soils, home construction and for Self-Storage Facility Construction.

It is a pre-engineered structural frost protected to be utilized with most residences and buildings which have height under 3-stories. The performance of the slab also facilitates the setting up of building on inferior soils where normal foundation systems are not acceptable.

The slab can also be equipped with an air-heated floor option to allow extreme comfort and decreased energy costs.

The continuous edge form removes thermal bridging and facilitates full air-tightness for the building envelope amid the foundation and wall. There are no gaping among the foundation and wall which offer the following benefits :-

Enhances thermal comfort: Lessens energy loss by reducing Thermal Bridge and Air Exchange as well as boosts complete building integrity and health.

shallow foundation
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