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How to develop shear, bending moment & bending stress diagram

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This construction video is presented by Nazeer Khan, the renowned faculty of civil engineering technology. The video focuses on developing shear force and bending moment concerning a simple beam.

The shear force at a section of a beam refers to the force that shears off the section and is gained as the algebraic sum of all forces together with the reactions functioning normal to the axis of the beam either to the left or right of the beam.

Shear force in the beam performs perpendicular to its longitudinal (x) axis. For the sake of design, the beam's capability to withstand shear force is crucial as compared to its capability to withstand an axial force. Axial force is belongs to the force in the beam that functions parallel to the longitudinal axis.

A bending moment stands for the reaction driven in a structural element once an external force or moment is employed to the element for bending purpose.

The most common or easiest structural element dependent on bending moments is the beam.

Link for download Bending Moment & shear force

How to develop shear, bending moment & bending stress diagram