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How to use spreadsheet for measuring a concrete reinforcement rebar area

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Learn how to produce an interactive concrete reinforcement rebar spreadsheet with formulas and conditional formatting.

This spreadsheet is very useful for making design of reinforced concrete sections. The calculation is very easy for circular areas. Individual spreadsheet is arranged and formatted according to the following purposes :-

Local Longitudinal Rebars, ASI- Total number of rebars.

Distributed Longitudinal Rebars, ASI – spacing of rebars per metre of slab or footing.

Transverse Rebar or Stirrups, Asw – diameter, number of branches and spacing of stirrups per meter.

Besides, learn how to apply conditional formatting with cells to make the calculation more perfect.

Some other exclusive features are given below :-

Simple Area calculation with the diamter in mm and providing the area in cm2 B1=pi()*(B2*0.001)^2/4*10000
Formulas for Local Longitudinal REBARS (beams or columns)
Fórmulas for Distributed Longitudinal Rebars (slabs or footings).
Formulas for Stirrups with 2 or more branches

Conditional Formatting – The cells in the table (C9 to L17) can be formatted by making comparison between their values with a reference value at C3 or even with a formula applying C3 and C4.

Conditional Formatting - 3 conditions to format exist and differentiate the values of the table as stated by: below the target value; at or slightly over (computed the margin) or over the target.

To get more details, click on the following link Concrete reinforcement rebar area spreadsheet

How to use spreadsheet for measuring a concrete reinforcement rebar area