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Estimating Sheet

Download the excel sheet for requirement of Material and Labour for Civil Work

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The work should have been accomplished as per the specifications whether particularly indicated elsewhere or not. No extra in any form will be disbursed until it is clearly mentioned like an item in the Bill of Quantities.

In case the specifications are not provided or if the Specifications are unclear, the applicable Nepal Standards or Indian Standards and further rectifications should be treated as final and obligatory. All Works should have been executed collaboratively with electrical, plumbing, sanitary and other services and in co-operation with the Contractors of the above services.

The Work should be accomplished unless it is finished competently together with the achievement of other essential services. The building contractor should notify the other Contractors concerning the proposed program of work, well beforehand, for the smooth progression of the building work without any trouble.

The contractor shall further work in tandem with other contractors with regard to any facility needed by them e.g. making holes in shuttering for sanitary, pipes, electric conduits, fan hook etc. However, no extra payment should be entertained for such practical assistance and facilities offered to other contractors and the building contractors are supposed to consider these factors at the time of quoting the rates.

The work should be done as per the drawings which the contractor is supposed to have studied. No extra charge will be provided for any item owing to its shape, location or other difficult conditions, even if the schedule makes no difference, provided that the item is demonstrated in the drawings.

The sources of materials mentioned in the specifications are those from which materials are usually obtainable. However, materials not adhered to the specifications should be discarded even if they originate from the stated sources.

The Contractor should assure himself that adequate quantity of materials of desirable specification is obtainable from the stated or other sources.

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Download the excel sheet for requirement of Material and Labour for Civil Work