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Sheet Pile Walls are useful retaining systems for deep excavation

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To build up sheet pile walls, the prefabricated sections are entered into the ground. Soil conditions facilitate the sections to be vibrated into ground rather than enter it with the help of a hammer.

The full sheet pile wall is developed by attaching the joints of adjoining sheet pile sections in sequential installation. Sheet pile walls offer structural resistance with the use of the full section. Steel sheet piles are mostly found in deep excavations, even if reinforced concrete sheet piles are also applied successfully.

Steel sheet piling is mostly recommended because of the following reasons :-

1. Extreme resistance capacity against driving stresses.
2. Light weight
3. Easily reprocessed on various projects.
4. Long lasting above or below water with modest protection.
5. The pile length can be easily adjusted by either welding or bolting
6. Least possibility for the joints to deform throughout driving.

Sheet pile walls are built in the following ways:

1. Arrange a sequence of sheet pile sections, and make sure that sheet piles will interlock.
2. Driving (or vibrating) the individual sheet piles to the required depth.
3. Driving the second sheet pile with the interlocks among the first sheet pile and second "locked".
4. Reiterating steps 2 & 3 unless the wall perimeter is finished.
5. Apply connector elements if more complex shapes are utilized.

Drawbacks of Sheet pile wall:

1. Sections can seldom be applied as part of the permanent structure.
2. The process is complicated for setting up sheet piles in soils with boulders or cobbles. Under such conditions, the required wall depths can’t be attained.
3. Excavation shapes are driven by the sheet pile section and interlocking elements.

4. Sheet pile driving may result in creating disturbances to neighborhood.
5. Settlements in adjoining properties may occur because of installation vibrations.

DeepEx is a powerful software for sheet pile wall design.

Go through the following link to learn how DeepEx can be used to design sheet pile wall efficiently

Sheet Pile Walls are useful retaining systems for deep excavation