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Variations Among Shuttering & Centering in Formwork

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Formwork in concrete construction can be described as a either temporary or permanent die or mould with all supporting structure into which fresh concrete or plastic concrete or same type of materials are poured to be solidified consequently.

It is also utilized to shape and support the concrete unless it gains adequate strength to bear its own weight. It must have the capacity for bearing all imposed dead and live loads exclusive of its own weight. Timber, plywood panels or steel sheets are employed for formwork Shuttering and centering are the two vital parts of formwork.

Shuttering – It is the part that provides support to the vertical surface as for instance column sides, beam sides, slab side, wall side etc.

It belongs to a temporary platform that is built with wooden planks, wooden logs, steel rods or bamboos upon which formwork is supported and in due course pouring of concrete is done.

Centering – It is the part that provides support to the horizontal surface as for instance slab bottom, beam bottom.

It is a type of falsework. It is a temporary structure on which the stones of an arch or vault are placed throughout construction work. It is usually formed with wood.

To gather more information with illustrated drawings, go through the following exclusive video tutorial.

Video Courtesy: Civil Engineers

Variations among shuttering & centering in formwork