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How to work out the shuttering area of column footing

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn how to measure the area of shuttering for column footing. The video is very important for civil engineering students.

The shuttering will be applied in PCC and footing.

The computation of shuttering area is very simple. The temporary structures (mould) in building construction are called as Shuttering or formwork.

The shuttering allows in the concrete pouring to attain required shape. It facilitates the structural member to acquire adequate strength to bear its self-load and load from other members.

There are various types and sizes of shuttering in the building construction for several members with diverse shapes.

The Shuttering area is calculated in Square meters or in Square foot based on the type of unites to be applied. The shuttering is computed by working out the surface area that is affixed with the concrete surface once the concrete is poured.

The shuttering area calculation is completely simple for each structural members since it is only required to work out the area of the member over which concrete is going to poured.

Different types of formwork materials are utilized for footings which range from plywood, wooden plank or even steel shutter. Types of Formwork (Shuttering) on the basis of Structural Member:

Formworks are primarily utilized in the construction of reinforced concrete foundations, columns, slabs, walls etc., and these are termed as follows:

• Footing Forms – Formworks for foundation
• Column Forms – Formwork for RCC Column construction
• Wall Forms – Formwork for RCC wall construction
• Floor Forms – Formwork for construction of RCC Slabs

Column Forms – Formwork for Concrete Column Construction

Reinforced concrete column forms can undergo lateral pressure due to their small cross section, large heights and comparatively high rates of concrete placement. So, it is important to arrange tight joints and strong tie support to the formwork.

When the sizes of concrete column are raised, the stiffness of the formwork should also be raised by either elevating thickness of sheathing or adding vertical stiffeners to get rid of sheathing deflection.

Go through the following video tutorial to learn the detail process for measuring the shuttering area for column footing.

Video Source: CE&T-Civil Engg & Technology

How to work out the shuttering area of column footing