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Live Job Site Demonstration of Arch or Curved Beam Construction

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This construction video tutorial provides live demonstration on constructing the arch or curve beam on the jobsite. The process is very difficult to design this types of beams since they are arranged in curve sections of the building.

The main objective of beam is to transmit the loads from the superimposed structure onto the columns or foundation whatever the situation is.

These loads may belong to both vertical (e.g. self weight of slab or beam, live loads) or in some cases horizontal (e.g. wind, earthquake).

Consequently, it is very important to categorize beams on the basis of imposed load, types of joints at their ends (supports), materials utilized in construction etc.

To learn the process for arch or curve beam construction, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

Live job site demonstration of arch or curved beam construction