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How to design a slab culvert through excel

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This exclusive civil engineering video tutorial is presented by the renowned engineer Waseem Raja.

In this video, he shows how to use excel based program to make the estimation of RCC slab culvert.

Slab culvert alias bridge culvert belongs to certain type of culvert that is constructed as three-sided or simply a deck slab. It is implanted in the soil on both sides.

The slab arranges a bridge over the distance. If there is no artificial flooring, slab culverts can be a good substitute of box culverts.

Slab culverts do not contain bottom slabs, and as a result, the natural flow of water is retained and natural bottom substrate stays safe and sound. The safety of high-velocity vehicles remains unaffected with slab culvert since there is no sharp corner.

At the time of erecting the slab culvert, a series of slabs are placed to build up the bridge-like structure. Subsequently, a pavement surface is arranged on top to meet the purpose as the road.

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The standard span length differs from 8’ to 48'. The design of slab culvert is based on ASTM C 1504 design code.

To learn how the design work can be performed through excel based program, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Engr WASEEM RAJA

How to design a slab culvert through excel