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Download the slab punching shear calculation spreadsheet

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Given below, a sample of punching shear calculation spreadsheet. This construction estimating sheet can work out all the punching shear reinforcement perimeters perfectly around the column on the basis of the specification stipulated by you.

This spreadsheet can also be applied for pad foundations checks and all the members which are compliant to punching shear.

Punching shear calculations are made for columns/pedestals which are based on concrete slabs.

Punching shear occurs if a concentrated force on a slab induces a shear failure cone that "punches" through.

There should be a demand value and a capacity value for punching shear calculations. Various manual calculations are supported with a punching shear force against a punching shear capacity force. It will function if there exist only shear force, but is deficient when a moment is happening on the column/pedestal.

Therefore, a stress demand/stress approach is assumed. The functional shears and moments, along with the shape of the punching shear failure cone are essential to work out a maximum punching shear stress.

Link for download Slab Punching Shear Calculation Spreadsheet

Download the slab punching shear calculation spreadsheet
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