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Types of Slab Construction

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In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will be familiar with commonly used slabs in construction.

Flat Slab
It stands for reinforced concrete slab. Here the concrete columns are used to provide direct support to the slab. It is also known as beam-less slab since there are no beams in the slab.

Conventional Slab
Under this slab system, the support to the slab is provided through beams and columns. Here, the density of the slab is small but the depth of the beam is heavy. The load is transmitted to the beams and then to the columns.

Hollow Core Slab
Under this slab system, the slabs are precasted. These slabs are suitable when it is required to finish the construction quickly.

Hardy Slab
Hardy slab is made of hardy bricks. Hardy bricks belong to the hollow bricks which are formed with concrete hollow bricks. The purpose of these bricks is to fill parts of the slab.

Waffle Slab
Waffle slab alias grid slab stands for a reinforced concrete roof or floor comprising of square grids having deep sides. This type of slab is mostly found in the entrance of hotels, malls, restaurants for stunning illustrative view as well as set up artificial lighting.

Dome Slab
This type of slab is mostly found in temples, mosques, palaces etc. The dome slab is constructed on the conventional slab.

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Pitch Roof Slab
Pitch roof refers to an inclined slab, normally built on resorts for a natural look. With regard to conventional roofing materials, very lightweight tile-sheets are mainly applied in this type of slab.

Post Tension Slab
This type of slab is tensioned as soon as the slab is constructed. Here, the compression is resisted by providing reinforcement.

Projected Slab
Projected alias cantilever slab means the slab with one side fixed and the other side is free. The type of slab is frequently used in hotels, universities, function halls, etc.

Miscellaneous Slab
This type of chajja (slab) is suitable for drawing rooms and kitchen for stockpiling house material.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

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Types Of Slabs For Construction