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SmartReality Beta, the newest mobile based application for construction professionals

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JBKnowledge, the leading technology information company, has introduced a mobile based application alias SmartReality Beta specially designed for integrating future technology with construction industry.

The application is in beta stage but several project owners as well as more than 450 commercial builders from all through the globe have already downloaded the beta version of this construction software. Some leading construction firms like Hoar Construction, Turis Systems etc. also tested the demo version.

This latest construction application facilitates the users to get the preview of BIM files rendered over paper plan files for unmatched levels of project visualization and collaboration.

Any printed 2D paper files can be processed through the tablet, smartphone or any mobile gadget. Once the proper construction plan files are selected, the application facilitates the users to get the visual aspect of that identical 2D model alongside an equivalent 3D model of the same exact project on your screen. This feature allows optimized project management by combining the actual project design and visualization. The users can get rid of the problem for visualizing a 2D structure to get a 3D representation in real time.

Animation and time dimensions are also included in the beta version. The animations consist of content along the lines of “exploding detail of a layered wall in slow motion and on the other hand time dimensions present the development of a building frame through the first few weeks of a project.

The demo version allows the users to test some of aspects of SmartReality Beta and see projects, zoom, expose structural layers with a touch, progress through the phases of a project over time, and record videos of your choice.

When the official version will be launched for commercial application, the users who have created new accounts, will be able to actually upload their 2D plans and match 3D models directly and after that they will pay for each project. The developer of beta product will check each of your created plans and models and quickly inform you once these are finished, providing a entirely new way of looking at your project site.

Download the beta at free of cost

SmartReality Beta, the newest mobile based application for construction professionals