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The success of your construction business is dependent on accomplishing accurate cost estimating. If the cost estimate is extremely high, you can win fewer jobs whereas too low estimate can lead to reduce profit.

In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will be familiar with five free and open source estimating and takeoff software for your construction business.

Easy-Pro Builders Estimator

Overview: It is a free tool that will be completely within the Apache OpenOffice spreadsheet program Calc. There are numerous worksheets which redirect to a summary page to produce updated estimates.

Easy-Pro Builders Estimator is developed by a construction manager who wanted to serve smaller construction firms in search of an affordable, accurate and simple free system.

The software also contains a 20-page manual to keep you updated on the functionality of the program.

The software contains the following exclusive features :

• Customizable taxation rates based on the location of the country
• Client unbilled reporting
• Printable project reports
• Well matched with Windows, Linux
• Accessibility of 24 trade worksheets

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Estimator 2.0

Overview: Estimator 2.0 is specifically designed for the architects, builders, engineers, and construction companies to generate detailed estimates for residential and commercial buildings. With estimator 2.0, the users get the ability to create tenders, a cost abstract, purchase orders, and other documents essential for a exact estimation.

The free program facilitates the users to prepare an estimation and then print it out, suitable for the professionals who like to instantly generate an estimation devoid of incurring huge amount of money on premier software.

Estimator can be used for an extensive range of construction projects like concrete structures, earth work, masonry, plastering, and more.

This estimating software contains the following exclusive features :

• Rapidly make an estimate and then print it out
• Makes tenders, cost abstracts, and purchase orders
• Compatibility with Windows

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STACK Takeoff & Estimating Software

Overview: It is a free construction software developed by Stack that can be applied to make the bid process simple and estimate materials, equipment, and labor perfectly. The software also gives access to a wide array of prebuilt, industry-specific material libraries. It creates an estimate depending on your input of required quantities of each material and type of labor, equipment, and overhead to be provided.

This cloud-based estimating software can be accessed from any remote location with an active internet connection. It also supports smartphones to desktop computers.

Given below, some exclusive features of the software

• Capability to upload digital plans
• Takeoff tools which create shortcuts for measurements for creating a takeoff rapidly
• Prebuilt reports to give insights to inform your estimates
• Cloud-based

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2-plan Team Software

Overview: 2-plan Team is a project management platform is effective for the construction firms, and among its three PM tools is an open-source desktop system to be utilized for several projects and teams. It can easily manage the entire construction project.

The source code for 2-plan Team is published at SourceForge, where one can download it for free. It can be easily set up on any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL-4 or higher, PHP-5.1) server, and it is compatible with some Windows servers.

Some features include:

• Control virtual teams with shared online workspaces
• Obtain the status of multiple projects simultaneously with the Project Dashboard
• Tracks time on mobile devices
• It facilitates to distribute estimates and budgets with clients, partners, teams, and staff
• It can manage teams through mobile devices

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Overview: ESTIMATE belongs to a cloud-based, open-source option that is released under GNU Affero General Public License. It’s a community-support project and one can easily & freely access source code to customize it for their own construction firm. It is best suited for construction managers with nominal coding knowledge.

Given below, some exclusive features of the software:

• Ability to archive projects and documents for reference
• Can have up to 200 users
• Generate reports in PDF along with tables and charts
• A centralized database for backup

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Top 5 free & open source software for construction estimating & takeoff