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Some nice tips to level & plumb a brick corner

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In this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to use your trowel to level and plumb a brick corner.

The Masonry trowel stands for a hand tool that is applied in brickwork or stonework for the purpose of leveling, spreading and shaping mortar or concrete.

There are four steps to examine the brickwork as it is going to be developed

• Gauge - Verify the height of the course
• Level - Ensure the course is level
• Plumb - Ensure that the wall is vertical
• Straight - Ensure the wall is straight

These checks should have been executed when each course is placed and in this order verify that the previous checks are not affected.

Level: A spirit level is applied to maintain the courses level. Keep in mind that the corner bricks are set to the exact height, so any alteration should be can be done by bedding down the bricks from the corner.

Bricks are not produced to very tight tolerances, so, it is not necessary to retain each brick perfectly level, the point is to obtain the parts of the bricks which come in contact with the base of the spirit level and level it.

Plumb: Verify that the wall face is vertical with a spirit level, tap the brick over the wall as required to alter the brick as essential. It is suggested not to perform this to both sides of the wall, select one side as 'the face' and just plumb that side.

Perform it along the wall, spacing the points remain approximately just below the length of the spirit level.

Check both sides of corners.

To learn how the calculation is done, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: thespecialist7

Some nice tips to level & plumb a brick corner