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Some useful methods for constructing roof with concrete

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In this construction video tutorial, you will be familiar with some useful methods for constructing the roof with concrete.

In concrete roof, a solid slab of concrete is used for capping the top of house. Concrete roof safeguards the building from storm winds. Most concrete roofs contain several inches depth.

A concrete roof needs more support as compared to a normal wooden roof. Concrete is heavy in weight, and the outside walls should have the enough strength for providing support to the massive slab. Interior support beams can be useful, but the construction works become strong when concrete walls, floor and roof develop a solid shell.

If a concrete roof isn't supported perfectly, it can fall down, specifically if subjected to supplementary stresses like earthquakes and snow buildup.

Concrete covering has the following benefits and drawbacks :-


1. It has good longevity
2. It can accommodate with other floors
3. It minimizes the risk of getting damaged from fire, termites, fungi and water


1. Seepage issues
2. Maintenance work is very complicated
3. No space for numerous design patterns

To get detail information on the process of concrete roofing, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Mixers Construction

Some useful methods for constructing roof with concrete