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Some useful tips to set the total station in the job site

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A total station alias TST (total station theodolite) belongs to an electronic/optical instrument that is mostly utilized in present surveying and building construction.

The total station stands for an electronic theodolite (transit) combined with an electronic distance meter (EDM) with the purpose of studying slope distances from the instrument to a specific point.

Follow the given steps to arrange the total station to any place :-

1. Expand the legs of the tripod as much as necessary and fasten the screws tightly.
2. Arrange the tripod to retain the tripod plate as horizontal as possible and the legs of the tripod are rigid in the ground.
3. Now, just put the instrument on the tripod and fix it with the central fixing screw.

Levelling-up the instrument: After setting up the instrument, level it up roughly with the bull’s-eye bubble.

Move two of the foot screws jointly in opposite directions. The index finger of your right hand points to the direction in which the bubble will proceed (example, top right).Now apply the third foot screw to place the bubble in middle point (example, bottom right).

To verify, revolve the instrument 180°. Then, the bubble should stay inside the setting circle. If it fails to do so, then readjust it again.

For a level, the compensator automatically looks after the final levelling up. The compensator mainly comprises of a thread-suspended mirror that leads the horizontal light beam to the middle point of the crosshair in case there exist residual tilt in the telescope (example, bottom).

When you gently tap a leg of the tripod, then (assuming the bull’s-eye bubble is in middle) you can check how the line of sight moves back and forth about the staff reading and always remain stagnant at the similar point. In this manner, it is possible to check whether or not the compensator can swing without restraint.

Arrange the total station over a ground point

1. Set the tripod roughly over the ground point.
2. Examine the tripod from all sides and rectify its position with the intention that the tripod plate is approximately horizontal and over the ground point (example, top left).
3. Put the tripod legs tightly into the ground and with the help of the central fixing screw fasten the instrument on the tripod.

4. Turn on the laser plummet (or, for older tools, browse with the optical plummet) and rotate the foot screws in order that the laser dot or the optical plummet is set middle on the ground point (example, top right).
5. Set the bull’s-eye bubble in the middle by modifying the lengths of the tripod legs (example - below).
6. Once levelling up the instrument is done properly, discharge the central fixing screw to relocate it on the tripod plate unless the laser dot is set in the middle perfectly over the ground point.
7. Fasten the central fixing screw once more.

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Some useful tips to set the total station in the job site