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Some vital checklists for concrete works

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This construction video tutorial is very useful for a site engineer. The video is based on various types of checklists for dissimilar concrete works.

These checklists should be examined properly prior to starting as well as finishing of any construction work in the jobsite. These checklists should be sent to higher authorities for their approval. These checklists comprise of concreting in column, beam, slab as well as tile work, plastering, excavation, casting etc.

This video includes the following topics :-

a. Examine shuttering
b. Examine column prior to concreting
c. Examine column when concreting start
d. Examine column after concreting

Examine shuttering – In shuttering work, the following points should be examined properly :-

To verify the shuttering quality prior to set it
Use de-shuttering oil to plywood shuttering (engine oil of bike & car)
Setting up shikanjas (M.S. clamps) at each 60 cm (2’ – 00”) interval. (so that there are no openings while using vibrator or concreting)
Examine the stiffness of side supports which are used in the formwork in plumb.

Examine whether the shuttering is straight or not.
Examine column prior to casting
Exact size is maintain according to drawing
Examine diagonals of column (for rectangular or square or rectangular column)

Oiling of shuttering
Plumb of the column on both site to avoid collapsing of column
Demarcation of level up to which the concrete should be filled
Reinforcement cover on top as well as started on bottom
Spacing of reinforcement over concrete level

Size & spacing of ring, size of ring & hook, diameter of bars etc.
Adequate lap length is maintained
Perfect filling of gaps from exterior with soil paste

For more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

Some vital checklists for concrete works