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Some vital terms associated with highway engineering

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In this construction video tutorial, the brief information is provided on some vital topics associated with highway engineering.

Alignment: It refers to the set of a horizontal tangents and curves which exist in the route of the road.

Camber or Crown: It stands for the downward slope of the road surface that exists ahead of the centre of the road in order that surface water streams uninterruptedly to the boundary of the carriageway or on bends arranged on the surface to lean traffic into the bend with the purpose of minimizing the possibility for skidding.

Byway: It is a type of highway that is utilized primarily as a footpath or bridleway bypass road that prevents or bypasses a developed area, town or village.

Pavement: It is the road considered as a geo construction. In the UK, it is called road surface and the pavement refers to a pedestrian walkway adjacent to the road.

Shoulder: It belongs to the clear, level area that is located at the side of the roadway to be used for stopping if required.

Guide rail: Obstruct vehicles turning from the road into the approaching traffic as well as clashing against solid objects or dropping from a road. It is also known as guard rail or traffic barrier.

Gutter: It refers to a drainage channel that is situated normally at the edge of the road or along a median.

Curb: An elevated edge that exists at the side of the roadway.

Bottleneck: Portion of a road having carrying strength considerably under that of other parts of the similar road.

To get more detailed, watch the following video tutorial.

Image Courtest: Sami Ullah Stanikzai

Some vital terms associated with highway engineering