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How spacing in column is influenced by different conditions

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In this exclusive construction video tutorial, you will gather knowledge in providing desired spacing between two columns in diverse locations. You will be familiar with different conditions necessary for fixing minimum and maximum spacing.

Given below, the details of the conditions :-

Location of beams - The load in a building is transmitted from slab to beam and then beam to column. Column is arranged based on this condition.

Entire load on the structure - Loads in the building will be transmitted from slab to beam, beam to column and column to footing. So, total loads coming from upward should also be considered.

Architectural appearance - The location of column is also dependent on it. Suppose, in a big wall a window is set up. A beam rests on the window. Now, in order to transfer load, a column should be constructed. But there is obstruction because of window. So, the position of the column should be shifted beside window.

Span of the slab – The spacing of column is also dependent on the length of the related slab.

Type of structure – There are different types of structures like frame structure & other structure. In frame structure the load will be transmitted to the column downwardly. If there is load bearing wall, it is required to withstand lateral forces. So, the spacing of column is dependent on these conditions.

Depends on basement – Maximum portion of the column is located to the downward i.e to basement. Now, if it is required to construct a hall or keep a open space to the basement, the position of the column should be changed. So, the column spacing is also dependent on basements.

The minimum spacing of the column must be 2.5 meter. Though there is no limit for maximum spacing but the maximum spacing should not surpass 7.5 meter.

To get more detail information, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

How spacing in column is influenced by different conditions