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Specifications for Sewer Manhole Construction

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Manhole and sewer bricks are made of shale and clay based on the various applicable codes like ASTM C 32 with the purpose of fulfilling its purpose in an efficient manner.

The main objective of sewer structure and related structures is to discharge sewage, industrial wastes, and storm water.

Manhole and sewer bricks are made of clay, shale, or related naturally occurring materials with perfect firing or elevated temperature to retain exact bond among components as well as sufficient strength and stability.

Types of Bricks:

Different types of sewer and manhole bricks are available depending on their grades.

Types of bricks for sewer structure:

Grade SS: They are effective for the structures with low absorption and resistance to the action of sewage that delivers adequate quantities of abrasive material at velocities exceeding 2.4 m/s.

Grade SM: They are useful for the structures which are used to resist the action of sewage discharging abrasive materials at velocities under 2.4 m/s.

Classes of bricks for manhole:

Grade MS: Mostly found in manholes and catch basins with low degrees of abrasive resistance, high and consistent degree of resistance to frost action and disintegration.

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Grade MM: Effective for manholes with high degrees of abrasive resistance, modest and nonuniform degree of resistance against frost action and disintegration.


1. Bricks should contain rectangular cross section and its edges and corners should be straight considerably.
2. Maximum 5mm depression or kiln marks should be provided on the backside of sewer and manhole bricks.
3. Surfaces and sides of sewer bricks should be smooth and plain

4. Surface of manhole bricks should be plain and moderately textured.
5. Physical properties of bricks is formed with clay and shale.


1. Drainage structures for the transport of sewage, industrial wastes, and storm water.
2. Manholes
3. Catch basins

Specifications for Sewer and Manhole Bricks