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Construction Master 5 can save huge time in designing, estimating & jobsite calculations

Construction Software

This construction video tutorial provides the online demonstration of Construction Master 5.

It is a handy construction calculator that is specifically designed for Contractors, Framers, Builders, Architects, Engineers and Tradespersons to perform all the design, estimating and jobsite calculations rapidly, easily and precisely.

The calculator has user-friendly interface to provide perfect construction-math solutions for plans, layouts and on-site construction. Just put the numbers and it make calculation within second.

The calculator can be used to work out roofs, stairs, circles and lots other. There is a in-built stair layout key inside the calculator to provide all the features like number of risers, riser height, number of treads, width of tread, length of string, angle of incline and total run of the stairs which are very useful for constructing your next stairs.

The calculator supports and converts among feet-inches-fractions and decimals as well as metric. The construction professionals can employ it in the jobsite or office to save significant time, lessen costs, avoid re-work and increase profits.

Calculations and Dedicated Functions:

• Make brief stair calculations for risers, treads, stringer length, stairwell opening and incline angle
• In-built right-angle functions for square-ups, slopes and more
• Area, volume and perimeter solutions
• Rafter function provides efficient solution for common rafters, regular and irregular hips, valleys and jacks
• Circular and arc: areas, diameters, circumference
• Advanced solutions for circles, arches, columns, cones, pillars, windows and post-holes

• Obtain volumes for concrete driveways, columns and more
• Arched rake-walls containing on-center spacing in ascending or descending order
• Instantly calculate the number of on-center studs for an specified length
• Resolve equal sided polygons, corner and bi-sect angles, side length, perimeter and area
• Board feet lumber estimating
• Simply resolve unit costing and pricing

Video Courtesy: Calculated Industries

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Construction Master 5 can save huge time in designing, estimating & jobsite calculations