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Tips to choose perfect steel for building construction

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Verify the Diameter & grade of steel: Initially, it is required to examine the diameter as well as grade of steel that ranges from 40 ,60 and 75 prior to purchase.

Verify the weight of steel: Suppose, diameter of steel bar is 8 mm and length is 12 meter, the weight of steel will be calculated with the following formula :-


The calculation is done based on the following data

D = 8 mm, L = 12 meter

Therefore, weight of steel = ( 8 x 8 x 12)/162

Weight of steel = 4.74 kg

Examine rust and loose Coating: Before making purchase, it is necessary to examine rust and loose coating so that the appearance, performance and durability remain unaffected.

Check for cracks: When the steel is bent at 180 degree, the top surface of the steel should not be white and no cracks should develop.

Never hoard steel on the ground: Often, the steel is laid on the ground and due to this the steel is affected with rust. The rusted steel should not be utilized in building construction since it can reduce the strength of the steel. So, it is recommended that the steel should be arranged minimum 4 inches up from the ground.

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Tips to choose perfect steel for building construction