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Types of steel usually found in building Construction

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Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer, has presented this exclusive construction video tutorial where he briefly explains types of steel usually applied in constructing a building.

The following types of steel are mostly found in a building construction :-

• Plain Carbon Steel or Mild Steel
• Rebar Steel
• Structural Steel

Plain Carbon Steel or Mild Steel – This type of steel is very common in building construction. It is also called mild steel. Benefits of using this steel are crack never occur while bending it, it is very compliant.

Mild steel comprises of roughly 0.05–0.25%carbon that can transform it flexible and ductile. Mild steel contains a comparatively low tensile strength, but it is inexpensive and simple to build. Surface hardness is enhanced via carburizing.

Rebar Steel – It is also recognized as reinforcing steel. It is mainly applied as a tension appliance for reinforced concrete as well as reinforced masonry structures to make the concrete stronger and retain the concrete in tension.

It retains the concrete into compression and there are different types of grades with diverse specifications in yield strength, vital tensile strength, chemical composition and elongation percentage.

Structural Steel – This type of steel is used to produce structural steel shapes in different forms like I-Beam, Z shape, HSS shape, L shape (angle), structural channel (C-beam, cross section), T shaped, rail profile, bar, rod, plate, open joist of web steel etc.

A structural steel shape refers to a profile that is developed with a particular cross section and adhered to definite standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Structural steel shapes, sizes, composition, strengths, storage practices, etc., are controlled by standards in most industrialized countries.

Video Courtesy: Civil Engineers

Types of steel usually found in building Construction