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Cost Estimating Tutorial

Post Tension Slab On Grade Design Example

Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Construction of post-tensioned slabs on grade is much related to using reinforcing steel, apart from the tensioning step. Cables are arranged as indicate by the engineer and chaired to run from side to side the center of the slab.

This exclusive video tutorial is presented by Ahmed Samir.

Post-tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several benefits over standard reinforcing steel: It reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking-therefore no joints, or less joints are needed. Cracks that do form are held tightly jointly. It allows slabs and other structural members to be thinner. It allows us to put up slabs on expansive or soft soils and it lets us design longer spans in elevated members, like floors or beams.


post tension slab construction