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An exclusive workshop on slipform stone masonry processes

Thomas J. Elpel presents an exclusive construction video that focuses on the detailed process of slipform stone masonry.

Slipform stone masonry refers to a technique for building up a reinforced concrete wall through stone facing where stones and mortar are produced in course inside recyclable slipforms. Short forms, equal to 60 cm high, are arranged on both sides of the wall to act as a guide toward the stone work. The stones are located within the forms by the fine faces alongside the form work.

Concrete is discharged in at the back of the rocks. Rebar is provided for potency as well as to create a wall that is something like half reinforced concrete and half stonework. The wall is interlined with stone on one side otherwise both sides. Once the concrete is placed sufficiently to grasp the wall collectively, the forms are “slipped’ up to dispense the next level. By using slipforms, one can produce free-standing stone wall.

Through this video, Thomas J. Elpel and Robert Taylor offer an insulated workshop from within stone, indicating the formation process starting from site excavation all the way through to placing the roof on and finishing the inside.

stone masonry processes