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Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook (3rd edition) is an exclusive structural engineering guide book

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Now-a-days most of the light weight and high rise building are built with Steel structures as they are defiant to earth quake as well as have endurable life. With regard to concrete structures, steel structures require more preservation and supervision.

There are lots of resources available for undertaking the maintenance work of the steel structures. Among them one exclusive book alias Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook (3rd edition) is a most recognizable guide book for structural engineers.

Roger L. Brockenbrough and Frederick S. Merritt are the editors of this book.

This engineering book covers the following topics:-

  • Section 1 : Properties of Structural Steels and Effects of Steelmaking and Fabrication.
  • Section 2: Fabrication and Erection.
  • Section 3: General Structural Theory.
  • Section 4: Analysis of Special Structures.
  • Section 5: Connections.
  • Section 6: Building Design Criteria.
  • Section 7: Design of Building Members.

  • Section 8: Floor and Roof Systems.
  • Section 9: Lateral Force Design.
  • Section 10: Cold-Formed Steel Design.
  • Section 11: Design Criteria for Bridges.
  • Section 12: Beam and Girder Bridges.
  • Section 13: Truss Bridges.
  • Section 14: Arch Bridges.
  • Section 15; Cable-Suspended Bridges.
  • The book can be easily downloaded at free of cost.

Download Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook

Structural Steel Designers Handbook
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