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ASDIP Concrete – A useful structural engineering software

Construction Software

ASDIP Structural Software develops ASDIP CONCRETE. It is a handy construction software that can streamline the structural engineering process specifically designing the structural concrete members like columns, continuous beams and bearing walls.

ASDIP CONCRETE considerably makes laborious calculations simple for structural engineering design.

ASDIP CONCRETE offers the following functionalities :-

• User-friendly and well-organized graphical user interface.
• Keep total control on every single characteristic of design.
• Offers prominent reports for clients and plan-checkers.
• Design concrete members in quickest possible time.
• Securely make the best use of your design by adhering to design code provisions.
• Software discovers controlling combination for each condition to make the design efficient.
• Examine each step of a design quickly. Not a “black box”.
• Flexibility to model a complete set of load combinations or just a single load.
• Offer authentic and perfect results without any silly assumptions or math shortcuts.
• Design various types of beams, columns, and walls instantly and precisely.

• Categorize results for each span number and load combination for granular design check.
• With the simple click of mouse, produce the interaction, moment, and shear diagrams.
• Easily deal with mathematical complication.
• Support any type of Windows® Operating System without any supplementary software.
• Compatibility with IBC 12 and ACI 318-11.
• Demonstrate interaction diagram in columns and walls graphically.
• Demonstrate shear and moment diagram in beams graphically.

• Adjustable design criteria, options and conditions.
• Diversified options to model the geometry, loads and rebars.
• Combined text-with-values output & update with any single modification in design.
• There are three different units systems: US (in, ft, Kip, ksi), SI (cm, m, N, MPa), MKS (cm, m, Tn, Kg/cm2)
• Excellent superior quality output with Print Preview.
• Numerous calculations options under a single project file.

Download a 15-days trial version ASDIP CONCRETE

• Project Manager can easily manage calculations and file management.
• Quickly viewable, summarized, and comprehensive calculation tabs.
• Stepwise calculations showing with formulas.
• Several loading of dead, live, roof live, snow, wind, and seismic.
• Thorough calculation of magnified moments in columns and walls.

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