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Structural Reinforcement and its products

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Structural Reinforcement can offer better load capacities in prevailing buildings and structures or their specific parts. The usefulness for structural reinforcement arises in cases where the load-bearing structures fail to satisfy the requisites for regular use owing to greater loads or the presence of undesirable flaws.

Structural reinforcement frequently seems to be more cost-effective either constructing a new building or structure. Due to other concerns like the requirement of preserving buildings having good historical or architectural value, structural reinforcement is inevitable.

Structural reinforcement is generally achieved by extending the cross section of structural members or by implementing design changes. The selected processes are based on the type of construction and the material and on the necessary escalation in load capacity. In particular cases beddings and foundations are reinforced, generally when extensions of building are made or service loads are augmented.

The followings are some of the recognized structural reinforcement products :-

GRIDFORM Concrete Bridge Deck Reinforcements: GRIDFORM™ refers to a prefabricated fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) double-layer grating, concrete-reinforcing system supported with elemental stay-in-place (SIP) form useful for vehicular bridge decks.

SAFSTRIP Strengthening Strip: SAFSTRIP refers to a pultruded composite strip that makes the strength better for a prevailing structural member if mechanically joined with the structure. The reinforcing strip contains great bearing and longitudinal properties and is specifically built to fortify the flexural capacity on the tension face of concrete girders, slabs and decks. The process for setting up bridges becomes smooth without any obstruction.

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