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Structural Steel Connection Design & Details

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This construction article focus on various types of steel connects which are generally used in construction projects.

Steel Connections -There are different types of configurations which are utilized for force transfer in connections. The configuration is based on the category of connecting elements, nature and magnitude of the forces (and moments), existing equipment, fabrication and erection considerations, cost, etc.

Connection - Different types of connections are dependent on function:

Beam-to-Beam Connections, Beam-to-Column Connections, Column-to-Column Connections, Column Base Plates, Pocket Beam, Gusset plate connections (truss type, frame type, bracings), Splices (cover plates).

Steel Framing Connections: Framed Connections

Bolts only in web, not the flanges, Transfers only shear, Not bending moment, Completed with clip angles & bolts/welds, Moment Connections, Transfer shear & moment, Flanges are attached, Bolt/Weld Flanges, May need column stiffeners

Framed connections:

Only shear transfer, Similar to pinned, end for the beam, moment does not exist at the, beam end, Rotation is permitted without restrictions

Go through the following link to get more details or download the pdf

Framed connections: End reaction only, Web of the beam is connected, Connection does not exist for the flanges

Structural Steel Connection Design & Details
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Structural Steel Connection Design & Details
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