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How to study floor plan and site plan of a building

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In this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to study alignment of site plans and floor plans.

A site plan stands for a document that accurately lay out the area of the building site to scale. Normally, there are following two types of site plans:

Existing site plan – the ‘before’ shot. This site plan demonstrates the site in its existing position.

Proposed site plan – the ‘after’ shot. The proposed site plan demonstrates what should be modified, and how the site will appear as soon as the construction is completed.

In a site plan, the following items are included :-

a. the structure of the site
b. the size of the site – as demonstrated with a scale
c. the orientation (i.e. direction of north)
d. the geographical placement of the site
e. the exact locations of objects like trees or rocks

f. any deviations in height (demonstrated as contour lines)
g. the area that should be covered by the house and any other structures to be constructed
g. any easements, rights of carriage, driveways, existing storm water drainage etc.
h. the proper location and footprint of any current structures
i. any related features of the area adjoining your building site - specifically things which might hinder access to the site or construction

A “Floor Plan” refers to the map of an individual floor. Floor plans used to be called “blueprints.” still contain “building instructions” in the form of multiple pages of drawings. From the type of house to the size of the house, a floor plan displays different items like area, structure, circulation pattern, stair location, door and window locations, room layout and so much more.

For online demonstration on site plan and floor plan, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Construction Technology & other works

How to study floor plan and site plan of a building