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Surveying and Leveling – An exclusive e-book written by N.N. Basak

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N.N. Basak has written an exclusive e-book alias “Surveying and Levelling”. This book has been written in a simple language.

The book demonstrates the fundamental percepts of surveying and leveling in an easy to follow and methodical way. The book sheds light on objective of surveying, applications of surveying, categorization of surveying, general principle of surveying, various measurements types used in surveying etc. It is the second edition and completely reformed and updated with the newest developments.

The book focuses on the following topics :-

• Coverage on Electromagnetic Distance Measurement, Total Station, Remote Sensing and GIS
• Survey of tunneling, docks, harbors and airports integrated
• Short -Answer Questions are given in each chapter along with Model Question Papers with answers to facilitate the students to be prepared in a better manner.

Table of Contents:

• Introduction
• Chain Surveying
• Compass Traversing
• Plane Table Surveying
• Levelling
• Contouring

• Computation of Area
• Computation of Volume
• Theodolite Traversing
• Curves
• Tacheometric Surveying
• Project Surveys
• Hydrographic Survey
• Setting Out

Appendix A: Advance Surveying, Appendix B: Model Questions with Answers, Appendix C: Model Question Papers

The book is available in paperback version. To purchase the book, click on the following link

Surveying and Leveling – An exclusive e-book written by N.N. Basak