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A T-beam (or tee beam) can be found in construction. It belongs to a load-carrying structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, by applying a t-shaped cross section. The top of the t-shaped cross section performs as a flange or compression member in withstanding compressive stresses.

Tee Section alias T beam or T bar, stands for a structural beam with a “T” shaped cross section. Tee section is usually formed with plain carbon steel. A beam comprises of a stem and a flange in the form of a T; typically of reinforced concrete or rolled metal.

Benefits of T beam:

1. For distances over 4 m it provides superior and considerably more resistance power relating to rectangular beam. Simply T beam will minimize rebar requirement.
2. It is possible to save 9 to 20 percent reinforcement with regards to rectangular beam.
3. Necessary depth of beam will also be decreased, because flange or web will set against sagging moment.

Cons of T beam:

1. Calculations are complicated for structural engineer, drafting for draftsmen, and bar bending for foremen.
2. T beam often needs links on top flange, which a foremen does not prefer.
3. Savings for lesser steel is barred by additional bar bending work.

Download Excel Sheet For T-beam Design

Download Excel Sheet For T-beam Design

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