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Estimating Sheet

The detailed expense estimates spreadsheet

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The detailed expense estimates spreadsheet is useful for a company to evaluate their budget taking into consideration all the budget items. This estimating spread facilitates to find out project costs, figure out genuine expenditure as well as track any dissimilarity amid planned and actual expenses month wise.

The detailed expense estimates spreadsheet also contains added features like expense breakdown and total expenditure which allow one to get totals for major budget line and have a clear picture in advance regarding a deficit or a surplus.

With this estimating sheet one will be able to scrutinize cost in every month and make sure that the expenses do not exceed in comparison with the allotted budget amount.

The sheet highlights the comprehensive planning breakdown together with diverse categories in each month. The primary budget line categories involve employee costs, office cost, managing costs and training & travelling costs.

There are subtotals after each main category which identify the category occupying most of the resources.

There are planned totals (in each month) on the whole at the bottom which help in getting overall figure and writing report.

Download Sheet: Detailed expense estimates spreadsheet

The detailed expense estimates spreadsheet