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The process for tying rebar

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This is a useful construction video for architects, engineers, contractors as well as other construction professionals to learn the process for tying reinforcing steel bars (rebar). It is one of the most essential parts of reinforced concrete design.

Bars are tied to maintain their proper relevant placing so that the required strength of the finished concrete structure can be obtained. Set individual rebar in its relevant position as per the layout.

The layout bars (or mark bars) is pointed with a soapstone marker, a paint pen, a piece of lumber crayon, or with spray paint. Diverse range of ties are utilized with reinforcing bars which range from snap tie or simple tie, wall tie, double-strand single tie, double-strand single tie, saddle tie, saddle tie with twist, cross tie or figure eight tie.

We are generally utilized for tying reinforcing bars refer to No. 161 ⁄2- or No. 16- gage black, soft-annealed wire.

Sometimes, a thicker gage wire is also used. No. 15- or No. 14-gage tie w i re (or double No. 161 ⁄2- or No. 16- gage) are applied in case of tying bars in intensely re i n f o rced caissons or walls to keep the exact position of the reinforcement.

The process for tying rebar