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The properties of a good and strong foundation

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The foundations are built up on the basis of the following conditions :-

The foundations should have been developed to retain the dead and imposed loads as well as transfer these to the sub-soil in an efficient manner so that pressure on it will not induce settlement to weaken the longevity of the building or adjacent structures.

The base of the foundation should be strong enough to facilitate reducing the differential settlements of soil, specifically under the situation when super-imposed loads are inconsistently dispersed.

Foundations should be made adequately to protect the entire building against damage or distress which occur because of swelling or shrinkage of the sub-soil.

There should be proper locations for the foundations so that it’s performance remain unaffected owing to any unanticipated future influence.

Foundations should be constructed properly so that it can easily bear dead load and imposed load of the structure and transmit the loads to the soil.

The foundations should contain a definite depth to get rid of any damage because of expansion or compression of soil volume underneath the foundation.

Foundation should be rigid and safety factor should be taken into consideration with design so that structure may not be damaged due to unexpected effects.

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The properties of a good and strong foundation