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In this construction video tutorial, some useful tips and formulas are provided for converting whole circle bearings (WCB) into reduced bearings (RB). The video is very useful for land surveyors.

Under whole circle bearing (WCB) the bearing of a line at any point is calculated in regard to a meridian. Its value differs from zero to 360° that rises in clockwise direction. Zero is north direction, 90° is east, 180° is south and 270° is west. The application of this type of bearing can be found in prismatic compass.

Under reduced bearing (RB) system, bearings are calculated from north or south direction in east or west. Therefore, angles differ from 0 to 90°. This type of measuring bearings is found in Surveyor’s compass and it is also called Quadrantal Bearing (QB).

The calculated bearing is denoted with letter N or S in the start to specify whether it is located in north or south. The letter E or W inscribed after the angle point outs whether the bearing read is in the direction of east or west, correspondingly.

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The conversion of the bearing from one system to the other system is performed by drawing a sketch to denote WCB or RB.

Video Source: Let's Learn Civil Engineering

Some useful tips on conversion of bearing from one system to other system in surveying