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Estimating Sheet

How to Calculate Concrete Footing Size

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The footing for a building or structure is one of the vital parts of the foundation. A footing stands for the cement slab that is constructed to provide strong support to the structure by circulating the weight over a specified area.

The amount of required cement for the footing is determined by doing the calculation in cubic feet.

The cubic feet of cement for the footings is measured with the dimensions of the slab that provides support to the structure.

Step 1
Find out the width and length of the cement slab in inches.

Step 2
Divide the width with 12 to change it to feet. If the estimation taken for the width is 144 inches, the result will be12 feet.

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Step 3
Divide the length with 12 to change it to feet. If the estimation taken for the length is 240 inches, the result will be 20 feet.

Step 4
Find out the depth or thickness essential for the footing in inches. Divide this number with 12 to change it to feet.

Step 5
Multiply the width with the length and then with the depth. The produced result will be the cubic feet of cement that is required for the footing.

Go through the following video for online demonstration.

Video Source: 15up BD

Some vital tips to work out the size of the footing