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Top 5 Android Apps For Civil Engineers - 2016

Construction Software

Given below, an extensive list construction apps for civil engineering field which support various android phones. These apps are free and can be downloaded directly from Google play-store.

1. Civil Engineering Dictionary: There are over 10000 words within this app which are narrated in detail in English language with images. The descriptions in this app are technical, comprehensive and described in accordance with Civil Engineering arena.

Link for download - Engineering Dictionary

2. Gate Civil Question Bank: This application consists of thorough description along with the quick solutions for 1997 & 2016 question papers for Civil Engineering GATE Question.

Link for download - Gate Civil Question Bank

3. Civil Engineering Magazine: This app is the mobile version of the esteemed Civil Engineering Magazine published by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

This app is developed by GTxcel, a pioneer in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications and mobile magazine apps.

Link for download - Civil Engineering Magazine

4. Civil Calculator: This app belongs to a simple Civil Calculator tool that consists of various Civil Engineering calculations for Civil Engineers and Students to work out various types of civil related units.

Link for download - Civil Calculator

5. Civil Terms: This app primarily highlights the terminologies which are generally applied in Civil Engineering. One can explore and distribute all the terms as per your requirements.

Link for download - Civil Terms

Top 5 Android Apps For Civil Engineers - 2016