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Top android apps for construction industry

Construction Software

By taking benefit of Android smartphone technology, developers have been able to make innovative mobile apps that do everything from simple calculations to 3D designs and architectural renderings. Although Android construction management mobile apps run the gamut as far as technology and features are concerned, they all serve the same general purpose, which is to serve the needs of professionals working in the construction industry.

To help make sense of this expansive app category, we have combed through the best Android construction management mobile apps and come up with a filtered list that is sorted by user. Electricians, carpenters, architects, and other professionals in the construction business can use this list to find out which Android apps are worth downloading right this second. Here are our selections.

Corecon V7 Construction Suite for Android: Sometimes you just need a couple features and one of the apps we’re talking about below will do. But sometimes you really need the kitchen sink — that’s Corecon. It monitors the whole construction process on the go from contact and lead management, bidding and RFPs (request for proposal), to project tracking, contract management and billing. Price: $40-60 per user per month.

When I Work for Android: Wonder where your workers are? Wish there was an easier way for them to clock in on site? Are you at a loss when someone doesn’t show up to a job? When I Work helps teams of 20 to 200 track hours and get things done faster and transparently. Price: Freemium up to five employees, then $1 a month per employee. The easiest way to schedule and communicate with your hourly employees. Save tons of time and reduce absenteeism.

WageBase for Android: Not only do you need to manage large teams on different sites with varying schedules, you need to pay them. Integrating with the time clock of When I Work or using the one built right into WageBase, you can manage all your payroll on the go on your Android or iPhone. Price: Freemium up to five employees, then $1 a month per employee.

Co-construct for Android: Co-Construct is a great solution for customized construction and home remodeling sites with an impressive three-month money-back guarantee. It started out as a solution to ease selections, scheduling and client communication between contractors, builders and clients. Guarantees it’ll save at least 30 minutes a day and eliminate at least 95 percent of your selection mistakes, by streamlining and organizing everything in a mobile app from anywhere. Price: Starting at $99 a month.

Handyman Calculator for Android: Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. The app for construction! Reduce Waste andSave Money!! Well tested by 400,000+ contractors and home owners.Top 100 productivity app. Price: Free.

Handy Construction Calculators for Android: 70 detailed calculators. Includes drawings and layouts to assist measuring and understanding the output. Very powerful, yet simple enough to pick up and go. These have been refined over the years based on input from hundreds of professional trades people. Price: $7.99

Current Set by Procure for Android: Save thousands of dollars, time and trees by no longer printing all your construction drawings. Instead use CurrentSet by Procure to mark up and annotate your drawings, and share with your entire team and external clients in a matter of seconds. Price: Freemium.

FrameDesign for Android: This intuitive and feature rich finite element app is especially useful for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and students who wish to design 2D frames. There is a web version of FrameDesign as well. You may input and edit beams, forces, supports etc both graphically and textually. The calculations are performed transparently in the background without disturbing your work and presented almost immediately. Price: Free

Conduit Runner Pro for Android: Conduit Runner Pro is a subset of the Electrical Wiring Pro app. Use Conduit Runner Pro if you have Electrical Wiring Pro. Functionality includes conduit Bends, fill and other calculations, bends, offsets, inc. rolling, parallel runs, segment bending, and more. Price: $.99

A Estimate ALL PRO for Android: If you are using this app for your business this Pro Version is the best because is Simple but powerful tool for estimating pretty much anything allowing you to save unlimited estimates for different clients or just different titles then search your files to view, edit or delete them. First name your Estimate then just add the quantities, item description, unit price and even scan the bar code of the item through your camera to add it for later internet search. This app will make the math and display the item total price. Price: $3.99

BuilderTREND for Android: BuilderTREND’s cloud-based construction software enables builders to manage their business from computers and mobile devices. Automatic updates and notifications help builders manage operations in real-time, collaborating with subs, vendors, project managers, and customers to streamline operations. Price: Free

Top android apps for construction industry