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Top most benefits of concrete

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Concrete is mostly recognized all through the globe and extensively utilized amid various construction materials because of its huge benefits with regards to other materials. Given below 10 significant benefits of concrete.

1. Concrete is Inexpensive: With regard to engineered building materials which are generally used for construction, the the cost is miserable for developing cement concrete. Again, it is cheap and easily accessible globally as compared to steel, polymers and other construction materials. Main components of concrete are cement, water and aggregates. All of these can be instantly accessible in local markets at marginal cost.

2. Concrete solidifies at Ambient Temperature: Concrete arranges, solidifies, obtains it’s strength at consistent room temperature or ambient temperature as cement belongs to a low-temperature bonded inorganic material. Therefore, concrete is utilized regardless of ambient weather conditions and it’s functionality is enhanced with admixtures if necessary.

3. Capability of being casted into any shape: Fresh concrete flows easily and is in liquid condition. Concrete is poured into different formworks or shuttering configurations to take preferred shapes and sizes at construction site. Concrete is casted into complicated shapes and configurations by modifying the mix.

4. Energy Efficiency in Production: The amount of energy essential for developing concrete is miserable as compared to steel. Just 450–750 kWh/ton energy is needed toward plain cement concrete whereas 800–3200 kWh/ton is required for reinforced concrete. For developing structural steel, it requires 8000 kWh/ton or more to make which is almost 3-10 times the energy consumption.

Top most benefits of concrete

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