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Estimating Sheet

In-depth tutorial for estimating steel for beams

Construction Software

This construction video will provide detailed steps for measuring steel for any type of beam.

Measure steel in kg for specified beam. Consider 1” C.C to all sides. Here length is given as 15’.

In order to find out steel reinforcement quality in beams, you should have good knowledge in reading the RCC drawings and obtain the different values like Length of the element, Cross section, No of bars, Type of bars, Spacing between the bars, Lap length ( horizontal/vertical), Development length, Covers for beam.

Beams are available in different sizes and shapes. They are generally, either homogeneous or composite.

A homogeneous beam is formed with one material like wood or steel. A composite beam is built with dissimilar materials like a concrete beam with steel reinforcing.

Video Courtesy: Kevin Taylor

In-depth tutorial for estimating steel for beams