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Different Types of Beams and Columns Design

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Beams and columns are considered as the most vital elements inside a building which transmit enforced load from roof and floors to the succeeding supporting structures underneath.

Beams belong to structural elements of building or civil engineering. Connection among beams and columns are probably the most common structural connection type. There are a wide array of connection types which contain fin plates, end plates, web or flange cleats and connections.

Among beams to column connection, loaded beam columns are very vital for creating superior structural design. The stability analysis of the elastic-plastic framed structure depends on the solution of loaded beam columns toward any structure. The exterior beam columns joints are usually formed to withstand earthquakes, and bear the capacity of structures or buildings joints perfectly. Finite element models are applied to carry out a comprehensive study on the load carrying capability of substandard joints.

Types of Beams and columns design In civil engineering, there are various types of beams and columns designs.

Steel Design: Steel design software that smoothly designs or verifies steel beams, columns and single span beam-columns with utmost standards.

Concrete Beam Design: Concrete design software that designs one-way flexural members, along with beams, one way slabs and joists.

Concrete Column Design: Concrete design software that will design or verify concrete columns for axial tension, compression and biaxial moments.

Timber Design: Design or verify any continuous beam or column with the up-to-date building codes instantly. Unlimited load and support conditions, automatic load creation and lots other.

Aluminum Design: Design or verify aluminum members for axial loads, biaxial bending and deflections. Supported shapes contain wide flanges, tubes, angles, channels, pipes and double angles.

Composite Steel Design: Design or verify encased and composite beams with different design codes. Beam is designed for complete or fractional composite action.

Different Types of Beams and Columns Design